02 February 2010

My Favourite Blogs, Pt. 2: Friends with Blogs

I have so many wonderfully talented and creative friends who blog. As we are all scattered across the world and unable to talk on a regular basis, it's really wonderful to be able to keep up with their work, thoughts and adventures through their blogs.

What the Coma Girl Designs and The Streets I Know
My friend Melanie is a graphic designer and crafter in Toronto. She is also a blogger extraordinaire, keeping up two great blogs! What the Coma Girl Designs is a celebration of all things vegan, crafty, DIY and artsy fartsy. The Streets I know is a fabulous vegan fashion blog that I'm pretty sure Melanie started just to try to ruin my carefully planned budget!

Simon & Fran's Andalucian Adventure
Just over a year ago, Simon and Fran followed their dream and and moved from busy North Vancouver to rural Spain. This blog is a chronicle of their Andalucian adventure: learning Spanish, finding a place to live, and adjusting (rather nicely!) to life in the Spanish countryside. I only wish they had more regular access to the internet so we readers could get updates more often.

Gearing Down to First
Another of my globe-trotting friends is Jill, who has been traveling through Australia and Asia for most of the past year. This blog is worth reading for so many reasons: the adventure, the gorgeous photography, and Jill's beautiful writing style. I really think she has a future in travel writing!

Dobell Designs, The Tales of s*dOwG and Caps 'n' Cannons
Chris and Stu Dobell are two of the most talented people I know. They're musicians, sign painters, designers, fine artists, muralists and graffiti artists. They're also two of the nicest people I know.
Dobell Designs is a showcase for the art they produce together in Victoria, mostly sign painting, with a few barrels and beer fridges thrown in for good measure! The Tales of s*dOwG is all Stu, who is currently in Australia trying to convince the Canadian government to let him back in. Caps 'n' Cannons is a collection of nomad Stu's photographs of street art from all over the world.
Also, check out their crazy-talented Dad's work on his very own blog, Bill Dobell Artist.

Work the Angle
Matt is an artist in Victoria and his blog features his sketchbook pages, awesome finished paintings and lots of his favourite music.

Clock & Compass
This is a chronicle of Chris' tattoo apprenticeship in Victoria, and features paintings and drawings, as well as musings on tattoo art and history.


  1. blush your post was so nice! and you totally figure out the dark secret behind my fashion blog. haaaa!

  2. i'm not going to lie it's nice to be in good company when you're blowing your budget ;).