14 November 2009

Inaugural Post

In preparing to write this, my first blog post, I downloaded the photos from my camera. Apparently a large memory card is both a blessing and a curse, as I've got hundreds of photos to sort through. Remember when people used to print photos? I decided the best course of action was to ignore all the photo files except the ones I want to post...

Today I spent the day working on my most ambitious painting to date. For those of you who don't know, I've just started painting this year, and most of the projects I've completed have been quite small (5" x7" to 9" x12"). This one is 36" x 24" and I'm feeling a little nervous about that. But necessity breeds invention (is that the phrase?), and the bare walls of my guest room are crying out for some dramatic art. I started prepping the canvas and painting the background, and quickly ran out of white paint. So I worked on the sketches - it's a woman with her hand outstretched and a chickadee about to land. Here's what I've got so far...

Excuse my crappy photography. Tomorrow I'll go get some more paint and acrylic medium and finish the background, then stencil on the sketch and get started. I think I'll have to really make sure the maple branch is nice and soft and doesn't overpower the rest of the imagery. I hope it doesn't suck!!


  1. Awesome Cara - I've subscribed already! Keep at it :)

  2. Good stuff, Cara. I'll pull up a seat.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world :). I look forward to reading your posts. Can't wait to see how the new piece turns out. Cheers!