05 January 2010

Budgeting = Yuck!

The big New Year's resolution that Kirk and I have been talking about is creating a budget. We are both terrible with money and realise it's time to do something about that.

Although we have a half-decent income, we have lots of debt that just doesn't seem to be paying itself off. Obviously we're wasting a bunch of money each month that could be going into debt-reduction and savings. My task today was to gather up all of our financial information and try to come up with a workable budget and a two year plan to pay off the debts and put some money aside. Ugh!!

I started by downloading some budgeting software. I chose Buddi (despite its stupid name) because it's simple, free, Canadian, and it works on OSX. It's super easy to use, so I set about collecting all of our information (easier said than done - I use three different banks) and plugging in the information. Holy crap! We are wasting SO much money! I was horrified!

Things change today. No more online shopping for me. No more lunches out for Kirk. This will take some adjustment, but it's worth it in the end, right?

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