21 April 2010

Lotsa Workin', Not Much Cookin'

Whew! I've been busy lately. Consequently, I haven't been very creative in the kitchen. No new "This Week in My Kitchen" post for a while - sorry!

I have been working on a few fun little projects though, while working full-time (only for two weeks) at a real estate brokerage making sales brochures for properties I'll never be able to afford...

First, I made a new print portfolio for Kirk. Here's the cover page, based on his web site design:

Then I worked on an ad for Adrenaline. Look for it in Vancouver buses soon!

I also got to do a brochure for the Stanley Park Ecology Society's Schools programme. Here's the inside page:

Right now I'm working on a fun website and flyers for Walk 'n' Piddle Dog Walking. This is the flyer:

Lastly, here's a little goldfish illustration I did for myself. I think I'll make it into t-shirts with my new Yudu that Kirk got me for my birthday last month!

1 comment:

  1. I can completely sympathize, I've worked the last 14 days straight. No good cooking going on here either. I love your little gold fish, it would make a great screen print.