29 October 2010

Hey there, stranger!

So apparently I haven't blogged since August! Holy crap! I've been working two jobs, plus freelancing and taking three classes a week, so free time is rare. For instance, I'm spending my free Friday evening doing laundry as I'm currently wearing my last pair of underpants...

I haven't been cooking much, but I have been crafting a bit. I'm really into crocheting amigurumi animals right now and have made a seal, an elephant and a giraffe so far. It's been a lot of fun. Photos? Sure - give me a week or so to get my crap together and I'll post some photos.

I have a plan to get back into blogging - peer pressure! November is Vegan MoFo and this year I'm participating. I'll be blogging about yummy vegan food every day in November (well, that's the idea, anyway), so buckle up!

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