20 June 2011

Seattle 2011, part 4

On Wednesday morning we slept in. Well, Kirk slept in and I watched old episodes of Reba on tv and listened to him snoring. After we were both up and ready to go, we set out in search for lunch. Although Kirk had enjoyed breakfast at Sunlight Cafe, he was disappointed that there was no bacon involved. Being the wonderful wife that I am, I found LunchBox Laboratory on the internet. Their catchphrase is "Where 6 pieces of bacon is just average!", and they have a pretty good-sounding veggie burger, so I thought it was the perfect compromise.

We trudged up the hill to the South Lake Union neighbourhood, which is a pretty cool place with boutique stores and a college campus.

The restaurant is in a beautiful space with lots of light and lava lamps all over the place. The service was amazing, the waitress quick and friendly (and pretty too).

This place is condiment city! They have J&D's Malt Salt on every table (J&D are notorious for developing Bacon Salt - Malt Salt seems to be their first foray into non-bacon-based condiments), as well as a selection of their own flavoured salts and the usual Tabasco and ketchup.

Yes, there's a bite out of that pickle. I couldn't wait until after I took the photo!

I won't show you Kirk's burger, because it was truly disgusting (and he was very happy). Mine was a house made black bean patty with sauteed onions and bbq sauce, with tater tots on the side. It was big and messy and delicious. We were so stupidly full when we left that we decided to walk up to Capitol Hill and then back downtown to catch a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean 4), stopping at numerous art supply stores along the way. A good day, to be sure.

Tomorrow, my favourite Indian restaurant ever!

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