07 July 2012

Handmade Home: Baby Wipes

After seeing how many baby wipes we were going through, I started looking for a better solution. Baby wipes aren't cheap, aren't environmentally friendly, and we go through an awful lot of them.

I looked through a bunch of recipes for homemade wipes and put together my own version with stuff I already had on hand. We've been using them for about two weeks and are loving them so far.

Handmade Baby Wipes
Boiled or distilled water
Pure castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner's)
Baby oil (you could use any non-mineral oil, like almond or vegetable)
Tea tree oil
Cloth wipes
I don't have exact proportions because I just guessed, but it's about teaspoon of soap, half a teaspoon of baby oil, and three drops of tea tree oil to a cup and a half of water. I just put it all in a spray bottle (I got a pretty one from the dollar store) and gave it a good shake. For wipes I just use baby facecloths, since we have a ton of those. You could use cut up pieces of flannel or prefold diapers or receiving blankets that are past their prime. At each diaper change I spray one corner of a wipe three or four times, wipe him down, and dry him with the opposite corner. The soiled wipe goes in the wet bag with dirty diapers, which are washed every two days.

We still have disposable wipes on hand for the diaper bag and for super messy poops, but we've cut down on our use drastically. Plus I feel good about using something natural and super cheap to make.

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