22 March 2010

New Coasters!

I know I've been negligent in blogging lately. I've been working madly on organizing the next Save the Brains Rock n' Roll Fundraiser event, which happens on April 1st. This post does not signal a full return, but a quick note is better than no note at all, no?

My blue Ikea coasters are getting old and dingy, and it's time for a replacement. There are plenty of cool glass and tile coasters out there, but I don't like coasters that make a noise when you put a glass on them (is that weird?), and I find glass and tile coasters too slippery. I like some stability for my glasses since I break enough of them washing the dishes, and I don't need any help spilling stuff. I've found some beautiful letterpress pulpboard coasters too, but I don't like the impermanence of paper. One drop and they're done for.

This morning I bought these awesome coasters from Tim's Sally on Etsy. Are they not fabulous? Mousepad-material coasters with sweet birds on them in a cute little tin. Yay!


  1. i never quite understood the slippery coaster. why bother!

    i'd be better off letting my glass sweat on the table than having the ENTIRE glass slip off the coaster and spill everywhere