05 March 2010

New Orleans, Pt. 2: Swamp Tour!!

One of my favourite parts of our trip to New Orleans was the Swamp Tour. A bus took us about 40 minutes outside of the city, dropped us off at The Jean Lafitte National Park & Preserve, and Captain Jamie took us on a little boat through the swamp and bayou (I never did learn the difference...). It was a sunny afternoon, though chilly, and some of the smaller alligators had come out of hibernation for some sun. We also saw tonnes of turtles, egrets, a cormorant, a nutria and some other birds. It was SO much fun!!


 a wee turtle in an aquarium

sleepy swamp kitty


cypress tree

bottom of a tree knocked over by Katrina


Click on the link below to see the rest of the photos, including alligators!


turtles enjoying the sun

Spanish moss


alligator peeking out of the water

creepy old shack

alligator that refused to face our cameras

Kirk on the bayou 

It was cold out on the water

cormorant drying its wings

beautiful swamp colours

best photo I got of an alligator

Captain Jamie teaching us about alligators


  1. So cool! I want to see a gator!

  2. No kidding! I want to go back when the big ones are out of hibernation! The biggest one we saw was about 4 feet long, which could still do some damage, I suppose...