01 September 2012

Four Months Old!

Odin turned four months old on Monday. I can't believe how time is flying by!

He's such a little person now. He is a squirmy-wormy, who loves to stand up (with assistance) and has been rolling over for a while now. He sucks his thumb and makes all sorts of cooing and gooing sounds. He blows raspberries and drools like nobody's business. He's getting better at going to sleep. He's a big flirt and loves when people pay lots of attention to him. He likes reading books, especially "Peekaboo Kisses" and "That's Not My Penguin". He loves his toys, particularly his rattle ball and Sophie Giraffe. He's sensitive and temperamental and likes things a certain way.

I love him more every day. I don't even know how that's possible...

Here are some recent photos:


  1. That. Suit. Is. Killing. Me. With. Cuteness.


    I think my head just exploaded. I really have to meet the little guy! We should arrange a play date!

    1. We'd love to meet up with you, Natasha and Myles!

  2. Such a cutie, he is rocking that suit! Really glad to hear the sleeping is getting better, xxx

  3. He is to die for. I know the feeling of not knowing where the times goes - Ewan is 15w now and I feel like he just got here some days. Ya to sleep progress too!!