04 December 2009

The Giant Guestroom Painting, Pt. 3

The giant guestroom painting has been sitting in my studio for the past couple of weeks, neglected. Well, I did drop the easel on it when I was trying to extend the legs. It ripped an inch-long hole in the canvas and I nearly cried (if my mom hadn't been there I probably would have). Luckily, the rip is right along a line in the woman's hair, and with some masking tape on the back, isn't too obvious. I'll live.

Over the past couple of days I finally got some time to work on the painting. The chickadee is done, and the leaves are 90% done. I also fiddled with the hair and eyes of the woman a little bit. I'd like to get it finished by Christmas, as my brother and sister-in-law will be our first guests in the guest room over the holidays.


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