30 May 2010

Beautiful BC is Right: Garry Point

A few weeks ago, my Mum and I drove out to Garry Point Park, which is in Steveston, BC, in the southwest part of Richmond. It's a short drive from Vancouver (depending on traffic!), and is so beautiful! We had lunch at Pajo's (fish & chips for Mum and a veggie dog & chips for me), then walked around the park, which is always filled with dogs & their owners, kite flyers and casual strollers like ourselves.

Pajo's: Famous for Fish & Chips always has a line up

I love taking guerilla group photos

That's Mum picking up some paper that fell out of my pocket

The wharf. Steveston is a fishing village.

There's a ladybug in that prehistoric looking jungle

BC's logging industry has many faults, but I do enjoy
the unintended byproduct of driftwood on the beaches!

Anyone know what this flower is?

Look at that sky!

More flowers that I can't identify.
I need a book or something.

Shrimp boat

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