30 May 2010

Beautiful BC is Right: Horseshoe Bay & Bowen Island

A couple of weeks ago I made a quick overnight visit to my friends Shannon & Matti on Bowen Island. Just about every time I go there they take me to a different beach, each more beautiful than the last. Of course I forgot my camera when we went to the beach, but I did take my customary glut of photos of Horseshoe Bay from the ferry.

Beautiful BC mountains

The Langdale ferry coming in to Horseshoe Bay

The Coast Mountains still have lots of snow in April

Me on the ferry, MySpace style

I wouldn't mind living here...

I don't have any Bowen scenery photos this time, but I do have a couple of beautiful Bowen dogs:

Chanel (Shannon holding her with Matti in the background)

Gorgeous Shiva

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