06 August 2010

How to Jazz Up Packaged Food

Packaged food. Most of us use it to some degree. I try and avoid it, mostly because of the unpronouncable ingredient lists, but as a sometimes-lazy cook and a full-on sodium hound, I do dabble once in a while. One of the things that makes me feel better about shoveling a fork full of chemicals into my mouth is adding some fresh foods into the mix. Here's an example:

Old El Paso Spanish Rice
I got a coupon for this in the mail, and being the spendthrift that I am, I had to try it. So I cooked it according to package instructions, but added a can of black beans (rinsed - there's enough sodium in the rice!) and some chopped green onions. I served it topped with a bunch of beautiful cherry tomatoes roasted with some garlic and cracked black pepper. It made a great side dish for a Mexican-style feast, or you could add a salad and call it a meal. Either way, it was quick, easy, pretty yummy, and actually had some nutritional value to help cancel out some of the bad stuff. Not everyday fare perhaps, but I'll make it again.

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