04 August 2010

My Patio Garden

Here's what's going on in my patio garden at the moment...


  1. Hi Cara, Just found your blog, what a lovely container garden. I'm visiting Vancouver later this year to see a friend who lives there. I'm vegan and she's the total opposite! If you have any tips on places to eat out that would suit us both they would be much appreciated.

  2. Thanks ladies!
    Welcome, Jimi. There are plenty of places that cater to vegans and omnis in Vancouver. One of my favourites is Locus on Main Street (http://www.locusonmain.com). There are hundreds of ethnic restaurants, especially Asian, that will satisfy you both. Also, check out an Ethiopian place, like Nyala, Fassil or Red Sea - Yum! Have a great time in Vancouver!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Cara. Vancouver seems like a great city for food! I've never really had Ethiopean food so I will definitely be trying that.