02 January 2011

Vegan Eats Vancouver: 3-G Vegetarian Restaurant

Last night Kirk and I went to 3-G Vegetarian Restaurant for dinner. 3-G is a great little Chinese vegan place that opened up last year on Cambie Street @ 18th Ave. Unfortunately, they don't have Ginger B (I still haven't been able find it in Vancouver), but they do have a really interesting menu with the requisite dishes and some unexpected ones.

Kirk wasn't feeling particularly adventurous (Crispy Baked Baby Pig, anyone?), so we stayed with the familiar: Hot & Sour Soup, Deep Fried Tofu with Salt & Pepper, Abalone Mushroom with Vegetables, and Fried Rice with Special Chili Sauce (although I'm pretty sure that's not the rice dish they gave us). The service was great, really attentive, and they kept our tea pot full at all times.

The hot & sour soup was fantastic - light, full of tofu & veggies and just spicy enough.

It wasn't the best salt & pepper tofu in town, but definitely enjoyable.

We ordered Fried Rice with Special Chili Sauce, but this is what we got.
We should have asked about it, but we just ate it.
It tasted like curry and had no sauce. I liked it, but Kirk wasn't thrilled with it.

I love mushrooms of any kind, and the Abalone Mushroom with Vegetables was great.
The abalone mushrooms were sliced super thin, and the sauce wasn't too heavy and a little garlicky - yum!

They also gave us Coconut Tapioca Pudding for dessert that was fantastic! Well, I loved it, anyway. Kirk isn't a fan of coconut, and I ate most of his as well as mine!

Overall, we liked 3-G, and we'll definitely be going there again. The service was great, the prices were totally reasonable and the food was good with large portion sizes (we had the leftovers for dinner tonight).

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