10 November 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 10: Portland 5

I love finding funky local restaurants a little off the beaten path in cities I'm visiting. Hungry Tiger Too is one of those places. Half bar and half pub/restaurant, it seems like a hang out for twenty-somethings and college students, with crazy murals on the walls and mismatched cutlery and dishes. We walked right in and sat ourselves in a booth and got prompt and attentive service. I really liked the place, and although we didn't quite fit in with the hipster vibe, our tattoos acted as a good cover.

Hungry Tiger Too is located at 207 SE 12th Ave. As far as I can tell from the internet, there was an original Hungry Tiger, but it's no longer open.

 They definitely cater to us veggies, as they have two menus, a classic menu and a vegan menu. Both menus feature classic pub fare, including burgers, nachos and sandwiches.

A very respectable selection of condiments on the table, including Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce (see below).

Secret Aardvark Trading Co is a local Portland company that makes a couple of sauces and marinades. I can say from experience that the Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce is great. It's not kick-in-the-pants hot, but a nice combination of rich spiciness and a bit of smoky tomato flavour. I'm going to see if I can find some to take home before we leave Portland, because I would put it on anything!

I had never before in my life eaten a corn dog, so when I saw vegan corndogs on the menu I pounced! And anything that comes with a side of tater tots is alright in my books... Verdict: I love corn dogs! I topped them with yellow mustard and habanero hot sauce, and they were delicious - crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Not something I'd eat every day (notice that there is no colour other than brown in my meal, save the mustard), but a great treat. I washed the dogs n' tots down with a pint of Rogue Dead Guy Ale, a nice, slightly hoppy brew from the famous Portland Brewery, also brown.

I really want to try Hungry Tiger Too again - I need to try their Mac n' Cheeze and Biscuits n' Gravy! Guess another trip to Portland is necessary...


  1. I used to love Corn Dogs. I haven't had one as a vegan!

  2. hungry tiger too also has 'toffualo'--deep fried tofu coated in bbq or hot sauce and masquerading as buffalo wings. so good.