07 November 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 7: Portland 2

Okay, I'm going to drag this Portland thing out into several posts. Portland is one of the veganest cities in America, and there are sooo many good eats to be had here! One of my favourite experiences so far was at Cacao Drink Chocolate, and it was completely by mistake! After shopping at Powell's we really needed a break and decided to go to Stumptown Coffee for a restorative drink and rest. But Stumptown was packed full of people, as it often is, so we kept walking and ended up at Cacao. Wow! I had a dark hot chocolate made with soy (it's not on their menu, but if you ask, they'll make it for you for an extra 50 cents) and it was heavenly. They melt pure top quality drinking chocolate for their hot chocolate, and it's fabulous - you can't taste soy at all, just rich, dark chocolate. They also sell good quality chocolate from around the world in their store. It was all I could do not to buy them out of preserved ginger chocolates, but I controlled myself!

 Absolutely delicious hot chocolate.

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