03 February 2010

My Favourite Blogs, Pt. 3: Wonderful, Inspiring and Weird

You may have noticed, perhaps, that I am a bit of a blog-fiend. One of my favourite things to do every morning is to open up my blog reader and see what's new. I might find an inspiring piece of art or design waiting for me, discover a new vegan recipe, or hear a great story from a friend. Maybe there's a craft fair or fun event happening in Vancouver next weekend. Whatever it is, I want to know!

To finish out My Favourite Blogs series, here's an alphabetical list of some more standout blogs that I follow regularly that didn't make it into the previous two posts. Thanks to all you fabulous bloggers out there who inspire me on a daily basis.

3627 Design Tricks
It's nice to be reminded of ways to shake up your work. This blog is full of great ideas and inspirational design.

art = love = life
Melissa Sue Stanley has so much talent! I'm always thrilled to see one of her new monsters or sketches.

Caustic Cover Critic
A nearly daily dose of one man's incredible book collection. It's hard not to get excited over all those fabulous retro paperback covers!

Domestic Affair
Vegan recipes, product reviews and all-around goodness from cookbook author Jae Steele.

Matt Brotka is really bad at updating his blog, but really good at painting and tattooing. His paintings simultaneously make me want to get better at painting myself and to throw out my brushes and never try again.

Missed Connections
Artist Sophie Blackall scours New York Missed Connections websites for inspiration for her fabulous, poignant, and often humourous paintings.

My Zoetrope
Michelle paints the cutest critters out there. She also has fabulous taste in food!

Pink Tentacle
A fantastic source for Japanese ephemera of all kinds.

The Non-Consumer Advocate
Katy and her family are rejecting consumerism by trying not to waste money on anything new. This is a great resource for those trying to lessen their debt and their environmental impact.

The Urban Housewife
No one makes me drool on my laptop like Melisser! Her blog is full of vegan recipes and ideas, as well as restaurant reviews and travelogues.

Kari has transformed her love of crafting into this amazing resource for online tutorials. I have bookmarked SO many pages from this blog, with every intention of making everything!

Vegan Dad
I love this blog! His recipes are simple, inspired and fabulous!

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  1. Love these inspirations Cara! It's an honor to be included!