05 February 2010

Ready for the weekend?

I sure am!

I am incredibly cranky today. Probably because I gave into my menstrual instinct to consume nothing but chocolate bars so far today. Now I'm shaky and headachy AND crampy and cranky, and a little nauseous. This morning I snapped at the girl working at the art store because she mistakenly asked me to keep my purse behind the counter while I was shopping (at first glance she thought it was a larger tote bag). On the bus on the way home some lady wouldn't get out of my way so I could get off at my stop and I almost lost my cool. I managed to get away without saying anything rude, but I did toss some death-looks around the bus as I stepped off. I hate being bitchy. I really do.

I hope for my friend Shaunna's sake I'm feeling better this evening. We're going to see my friend Gilda Lovelace, along with a bevy of other buxom beauties, perform at the WISE Hall for the Cabaret of Copious Curves. Watching some voluptuous vixens shaking it on stage should cheer me right up!

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