04 February 2010

The Rumi Racer

At Save the Brains this year I've decided to hold a silent art auction. My contribution will be a painting of a 1954 Rumi Racer. Kirk and I got an encyclopedia of classic motorcycles at London Drugs (of all places!) a few weeks ago, and the Rumi motorcycles really stood out to me. The racer is unusual in that the motor is actually part of the frame. Here's the progression of my sketches for the painting, which will be acrylic on a 16" x 20" canvas.

sketch 1: rough ideas

sketch 2: placement and some details

sketch 3: ready for transfer to canvas

I'm still looking for donations of art for the silent auction. All of the proceeds from Save the Brains events go directly to the BC Cancer Foundation for brain cancer research in memory of Kevin Rushton. If you're interested in donating to Save the Brains, whether art or funds, please contact me.


  1. hmmm when would you nee the donation by? I might possibly have something I've made in silversmithing to donate...

  2. The deadline for art donations is March 17th. That way I can advertise it for a couple of weeks beforehand and people will have an idea of what they want to bid on. If you're able to donate something, that's great! And if not, there's always next year ;)

  3. I totally can. I just wanted to make sure there was enough time for me to mail it to you. so I'll rummage through my pieces and let you know when I sent something off :).